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American Heritage Kensington?

American Heritage Kensington?

Does anybody have any opinions on this table (link below)? It was a father's day special, $1999.99 new (including delivery, setup, cues, balls, etc..). I used to play pool quite a bit when I was younger but haven't played regularly in years. Therefore, I consider myself an intermediate level player. I understand that Olhausen or Brunswick have a better reputation, but I don't think either makes anything at this price range. Note that I do NOT want to buy a used table in case someone wants to say a used Olhausen at that price would be better than a new Kingston. So, for $1,999.99, please tell me your thoughts - good or bad. Thank you!


American Heritage Kensington?

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American Heritage Kensington?

  • Title: American Heritage Kensington?
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/19/2012 9:32:07 AM