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Chicago Coin Bumper Pool Table Wanted

Chicago Coin Bumper Pool Table Wanted

I've recently been struck by an obsessive bout of nostalgia, and I can't get my family's old bumper pool table out of my head.

I've discovered through researching what our old table was: A 1950 to 1960s Chicago Coin Champion Bumper Pool table.

I loved the size of it (one of the few "big person games" I could play as a small kid), the sound of the balls rolling down the tracks and clinking together in the tray! I would love to bring one of these back into the family for the next generation of kiddos!

Any leads? Does anyone have one they'd like to sell? Or have you seen one for sale recently somewhere?

I don't mind doing renovations, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

Thanks, everyone!


Chicago Coin Bumper Pool Table Wanted

Replies & Comments

  1. laurakpuser1479604123 on 11/19/2016 8:08:44 PM

    Hi Laura,

    Not sure you are still looking but I found a Chicago Coin Bumper pool table on Craigslist in Denver it appears to be in good shape and fully working including coin mechanism.

    Give it a look just go to sale items and type in Chicago coin, the asking price in todays ad was $450.00

    Today's date is 11/19/2016


    Champion Pool by Chicago Coin from the 1950's or early 1960's. Accepts 2 dimes per game. Plug in to get bumpers to light up. Can be played without plugging in. Coin op works great.

    $450 or best offer.






  2. laurakplaurakp on 11/20/2016 8:14:36 PM

    Thanks so much!

    It looks like exactly what I'm looking for! Funny thing is, I was just in Denver last week. (MN is where I live.)

    I wonder how much it would cost to ship something so big?

    My husband would probably have a cow.

    But this looks IDEAL!

    Thanks for keeping your eye out. I'll post back if I'm able to make it happen. :)

    Best wishes,

  3. laurakpuser1479604123 on 11/24/2016 12:41:59 PM

    I collect old electro mechanical arcades and it usually costs around $300.00 to ship most arcades of similar size, If you are still interested contact Michelle Bianchi direct at (630) 352-3312 to arrange shipping if you decide to buy the bumper pool as she can give you a price and make all arrangements.

    Hope this was helpful


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Chicago Coin Bumper Pool Table Wanted

  • Title: Chicago Coin Bumper Pool Table Wanted
  • Author: (Laura Knobel-Piehl)
  • Published: 6/12/2016 5:57:48 PM