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Steepleton Pool Table For Sale $500

Steepleton Pool Table For Sale $500

Estate sale is offering a vintage Steepleton regulation size pool table with a slate bed for sale for $500 or best offer.

The regulation size Steepleton pool table Has been re-felted and is in excellent condition, as it received very light use and was covered all the time when not in use.

The pool table sale includes the Steepleton pool table, cue sticks with rack, balls with rack and miscellaneous other accessories including a lightweight cover.

Dimensions: approximately 4 ft., 4 inches wide, 8 ft. long, 32" high. Weight undetermined but it is heavy!

Steepleton is a well-known company based in Kentucky since 1910 and its billiards products are in high demand.

Please call 843-557-9596 for information.

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