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Charles A. Porter Table for Sale

Charles A. Porter Table for Sale

I'll have more details shortly, but I just wanted to get this up and posted for the time being.

Currently I have a 9ft 1in. slate Charles A. Porter orig. renaissance custom. It has black felt, very nice and in excellent condition.

It comes with many accessories such as fiberglass cues, racks, wall mount for cues etc., table cover and much more.

The listing price on the table was $20,000 and I am starting off at $11,000.

I am pretty sure that for this quality of a table you will not find a nicer one at this low of a bargain. Feel free to email me directly for any questions and offers you may have. Thank you for your time.

Charles A. Porter Table for Sale

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Charles A. Porter Table for Sale

  • Title: Charles A. Porter Table for Sale
  • Author: (Chris Unsworth)
  • Published: 3/27/2013 6:20:06 PM