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1960's Fischer Pool Table

1960's Fischer Pool Table

I have a 1960's Fischer Express 101 pool table and I am trying to find out what year it was made and what it is worth. I moved about 10 years ago and put it in storage and I am need to sell it but have no clue what is worth. I have been searching and cannot find anything about it so I thought I'd see if anyone in the forum can assist. I had the felt redone right before I put it in storage and was told that is either a 1963 or 1969, I cannot remember, and I was told that it was worth approximately $1,200. back then. I managed to get to the serial number 12-96-3530 not sure if that helps or not. Any information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

1960's Fischer Pool Table

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1960's Fischer Pool Table

  • Title: 1960's Fischer Pool Table
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/21/2013 4:21:31 PM