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veneering an old rail cap

veneering an old rail cap

Does anyone have any experience in applying new veneer on an old rail cap? I have an antique Brunswick with Rosewood rail caps (1/4 inch thick I beleive). I have experience in veneering. I am in the process of stripping off the surface down to something flat and workable. The problem is the roundover edge. Can you apply a veneer approx 1/32 of inch thick to the cap rail and roll it over a rounded edge and make it stick? Or do you need to apply veneer on the flat top then trim it flat on the edge and add a solid wood edge as is done on furniture made with plywood and a solid wood edge--then roundover the solid wood? I know of the different glues avail contact cement/pva/hide glue/pva/etc. I am concerned with the lasting hold. Please only reply if you have knowledge of applying veneer from a flat surface to a rounded edge in one piece.

veneering an old rail cap

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  1. dduffettMitch Alsup on 7/21/2010 2:08:14 PM

    Caveat: depending on the chosen wood, how thick it is, and how easy it is to bend in the needed direction.

    If the wood grain is perpendicular to the roll direction then you can just glue it and roll it. So, if the wood grain runs along the side rails and the roll is towards the outside, just roll the edge over.

    If the wood grain is with the roll direction, you need to steam the veneer, roll and clamp it so it takes that shape, then come back the next day and glue and roll. You might get lucky and roll the veneer over the edge, clamp it, and steam it in place.

    But the best bet is to use the veneer grain perpendicular to the roll.

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veneering an old rail cap

  • Title: veneering an old rail cap
  • Author: (D Duffett)
  • Published: 7/20/2010 2:27:11 PM