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Used Pool Table Questions

Used Pool Table Questions

My wife and I are going to be looking for a used pool table and we have a few questions.

We'll be getting an 8' standard 3 piece slate table w/ drop pockets - probably a used Olhausen or Brunswick, possibly an economy 3 piece slate such as Silver Leaf.

Is the felt 'always' stapled to the slate bed? I've seen the spray-on adhesive, I assume that is for the cheaper 'slatron' tables. Can the felt be re-used? Or, does removing the felt destroy it?

We plan on using a local service for assembly and leveling. However, I'm considering do the disassemble and moving myself. I have a 3/4 ton truck, I'm mechanically inclined, and have learned to take things slow as I've aged. Does anyone have a link for how to disassemble a pool tables? I assume remove, rails, felt, wax for accessing the bolts,etc...

I'd use a pallet strapped down in the truck to prevent movement and then place the slate on the pallet w/ moving blankets and/or 2x4s between the slate for transport with the slate strapped to the pallet.

I figure if I transport the table I can work out a better deal for installation to include new felt for what a traditional move/install would cost.

Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, or links?

Used Pool Table Questions

Replies & Comments

  1. CZSteveDLCBreaks on 1/13/2008 12:39:45 AM

    If you are a serious pool player, I would recommend a 4 1/2' x 9' table. In addition, a pool table should be moved and set-up by a professional. They know how to do it properly and it will play correctly. The cloth is attached under the slate, on the underside of the wood base. It is never glued to the slate. You should be able to find a good used commercial table for under $1000. Don't scrimp on the cloth. Get the best you can afford.

  2. CZStevetedmauro on 1/15/2008 8:50:42 PM

    You can use spray adhesive but not on the playing surface. You pull the cloth tight and fasten under the table playing surface. The wood side. You can re use the felt if it's in good shape. I would put new felt however because you will already have the table apart. Get Simonis 860 and learn to play on a fast table. Covering the rails is tricky. You may be able to take them to a billiards store and have them do it. You need to make sure and stretch the cloth on the bed tight. I would pick the brunswick by the way.

    Hope this helps.

  3. CZSteveJohninTennessee on 1/18/2008 11:49:25 PM

    Just been through what you are going to be doing. I do agree with the above posts except the 9ft. I'll even agree with that one if you have the room and funds. Something I figured out really quick is learn the difference in eye candy and a quality built table. Also SLOW DOWN. You don't have to buy the 1st table you see. Use the shopping experience as a learning experience. One other thing to remember is there is a table out there with your name on it. When you find it you will know it. Look on craigslist and see whats there in your area.

  4. CZSteveCZSteve on 1/19/2008 12:00:50 PM

    Thanks to all for the input.

    Still looking and I have a tendency to move slow and research things to the 10th degree. I've been watching Craig's List on a regular basis and we are in no hurry. That being said, we're going over to a friends house this evening for fondue and shooting some pool - that'll only plant the seed a little deeper.

    Just for grins I've ordered a CD on pool table assembly from:


    I'm even considering doing the assembly and leveling myself - my thoughts are:

    1. I very mechanically inclined; never have done a table, but take the time to research and proceed slowly.
    2. It'll take me longer, but I'll probably be more detailed as this is MY table and I can be a 'bit' anal retentive.
    3. If I learn to do myself 'when' the kids do something to ruin the felt I can do the replacement my-self.
    4. If I have problems I can always have a service come out for to take of it.

    I'm sure some here think this is nuts. But why not - assuming one does his homework and takes his time. Believe it or not, I have learned some things are best left to the pros - however, if one is determined and does his homework things are not all that difficult.

    Yes - I told you so might be in the cards.

  5. CZSteveguest on 1/23/2008 7:54:46 PM

    I want to move my table within the same room where it is currently located. I need to turn it 180 degrees and then over a few feet. Can I use a pallet jack to do this?

    If not, any other low cost ideas?

  6. CZStevetedmauro on 1/23/2008 9:11:46 PM

    I would just get 4 or 5 guys to lift it up and move it slow. Make sure you do not get the slate in a bind and crack it. Do not drop the table. I am not sure how you could do it with a pallet jack. Is it a 9 foot table?

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Used Pool Table Questions

  • Title: Used Pool Table Questions
  • Author: (Steve Ansley)
  • Published: 1/12/2008 11:36:29 PM