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Table build question

Table build question

I am in the process of building my own table ( purely for the challenge and pleasure). I used some plans as a template but have gone for my own design.

The original plans called for 5" pockets all round. I am planning on 4.5" for corners and 5" for sides. I am using an MDF base (I know I know. It's my first attempt, don't want to spend money on a slate if I make a pig's ear of it, and if it turns out ok I'll replace the MDF with slate).

Here's my question:

On the original plans all pockets are cut into the MDF at 5" diam. So for the corner pocket, can I still cut the hole at 5" and then use the cushion angle to make the pocket 4.5" (as this is where the pocket is actually measured) or, should the hole in the MDF be 4.5" if I'm going to cut the cushions for a 4.5" pocket?

Also, the back corner of the cushion at the throat of the pocket; Does this need to sit at the edge of the pocket hole cut in the board? because on some tables I've seen this back edge of the cushion hang over the edge of the cut in the board/slate. I also think that if that back edge sits level with the hole cut in the board, then when I cut the right angles on the rubber, the cut in the board WILL need to be 4.5" for the cushion mouth to be the same 4.5 inch. Whereas it will be off if it hangs in over the back edge.

Hope that makes sense lol

Table build question

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Table build question

  • Title: Table build question
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/15/2009 7:11:54 AM