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Stretching the cloth using glue

Stretching the cloth using glue

Hi, im re surfacing a old slate bed English pool table

Any tips on how glue the sides evenly? Because once it is stuck there's no going back

It seems like staples make it a hell of a lot easier

Stretching the cloth using glue

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  1. bertington011BilliardTech on 3/19/2012 6:55:46 AM

    Stretching any cloth requires a proper routine in order to achieve the proper tightness and to do so with out wrinkles. Usually, depending on the table, on a glue down i end up using a contact or heavy web spray glue, then i start on the ends of the slate first evenly laying down glue on one side then applying to the other side. i would then glue the ends of the bottom side of the cloth, let them tack up and then adhere one end to one end of the slate, then stretch tightly and pull the other end to adhere to the glue. Then fold up sides of cloth so bottom side faces up and glue cloth and slate keeping in mind the amount of slack you will need in order to pull perfectly. once glued pull one side of cloth into center pocket evenly on both sides but enough that you are left with slack in pocket and no wrinkles on top. Then pull cloth into corner pockets evenly, again with enough slack and no wrinkles, Then do the same to the other side. once done pull on sides of cloth that is not glued and adhere and stretch tightly. Finally glue underneath slate in pockets and cloth, let tack and adhere. This is not something that is easily accomplished, as it even probably sounds confusing. I would suggest for best outcome to allow for a professional installer to finish job. The above description is just a quick outline of the procedure, its the experience of knowing your cloth and tables to know how much to pull and in what directions that will get it done right.

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Stretching the cloth using glue

  • Title: Stretching the cloth using glue
  • Author:
  • Published: 3/7/2012 1:52:45 AM