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Re-level Brunswick Gold Crown

Re-level Brunswick Gold Crown

I have a Gold Crown #3. The seam between 2 pieces of slate (the end & middle piece) has moved up just a hair. The end piece is higher than the other. It is from the middle of the table to the rail (see shadow in the picture). This part of slate was shimmed up when installed. How do I loosen these panels of slate to remove or raise shims to re-level? Iv'e looked on U-Tube but can't find what bolts to loosen.

Thanks, Cigarblues

Re-level Brunswick Gold Crown

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  1. Cigarblues2ballrun on 7/20/2012 2:06:50 AM

    The screws that hold the slates go from the top down. They are located under the felt under the rails. If you push down on the felt while running your hand along the bottom of the rails you will feel the indentation where the screws are located. If you are very careful ,you can cut a small slit in the cloth to get to them. You might be able to loosen them a little to back off the shim?
    If that wont let you get the shim out, you have to remove the whole rail assembly first. To do that , you have to take the larger bolts out and possibly remove the pocket liners. Then the whole top should come off. It's heavy. 2 people are needed. Once the bolts are out you should be able to slide the rail assy. back toward the head spot and lift the back end of the rails up. Then slide it forward to lift the front off. You can then set the rail assy. on it's side on the floor.

  2. Cigarblues2ballrun on 7/20/2012 2:20:21 AM

    You might just have to "loosen" the large bolts enough and you might be able to "wiggle" the rail assy to the side enough to be able to get at the slate screws and not have to remove the whole top? It would be worth a try. The problem is that the slate screws are usually "angled" in and it's hard to get at them even when you know where they are. The rails are in the way of getting a straight shot at them. Another probability is that you will have to remove the large bolts to wiggle the rail assy. over to the side enough. but you may not have to remove them. One man should be able to do it and the pocket liners may not even need to come off?

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Re-level Brunswick Gold Crown

  • Title: Re-level Brunswick Gold Crown
  • Author: (Michael Brown)
  • Published: 7/19/2012 4:33:48 PM