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Questions on Moving a 9' table

Questions on Moving a 9' table

When we bought our house I bought and assemble a nice 9 foot, claw foot, 3 slate table pocket table. Its set up in the basement of my ranch home, but doesn't get much use because of the location.

Recently I renovated our living room, and I'd like to put the pool table in this room There's platy of space, that's not one of my questions.

The living room has been re-modeled with new tile floor, there is a steel girder supporting the floor in the middle of the room.

  1. Should I have any concerns about putting a 900 lb pool table here?
  2. Would it be stupid to try to move the pool table without dis-assembling it?

The basement is a walk out to our driveway, I'd have to put on caster for about 300 feet lift it up 2 steps, then another on between rooms. Also the narrowest point is 51" so the table would need to be briefly turned sideways.

Here's the table I plan to move

Questions on Moving a 9' table

Replies & Comments

  1. webguynjFenwick on 2/20/2015 12:35:04 PM

    As far as the present location I'd ask a structural engineer. A lot depends on the houses age. Newer homes don't have the thicker sub floor like they used to build in some cases; not all. Moving it assembled, 50/50 chance you'll crack the slate not to mention breaking one of the legs. I've seen tables re-located but never with the slate attached.


  2. webguynjwebguynj on 2/20/2015 12:53:48 PM

    I can validate the subfloor construction - as I did it myself, it a layer of 5/8 plus a layer of 3/4" T&G plywood laminated and screwed add to that dura-rock tile board thinset mortared top and bottom payers plus screws every 10" into the subfloor. There is no flex. the tile is set with Mape dur-elastic polymer thinset.

  3. webguynjZeke on 2/23/2015 10:12:45 AM

    There's no reason to worry about the weight or an engineer. Remember, a 900 lb. table only weighs 225 lbs per leg. It's all about PSI's.

    You standing on one foot weigh much more per psi than any table leg. If you jump on the floor, you exert almost twice the weight per square food (or inch) than any pool table leg!

    Moving it without taking it apart is very risky. The reason? Unless you can guaranty the slate surface will not be torqued - in ANY way (meaning all four legs maintain equal pressure through the entire journey - be it an inch or a mile), the leveling wedges will be severely compromised and the joints between the slates will crack - causing joint-seam shifts.

    Then too, the table is leveled and set to ever so slight floor nuances. If one leg goes up just 1/100th of an inch , the slates would be torqued to accommodate that nuance.


  4. webguynjwebguynj on 2/24/2015 2:33:27 PM

    Thanks for the explanation on Torquing. I routinely tighten to the maximum allowable torqueage ;)

    Really that explains quite a bit - When I had the table set up last time I had professionals do it - is the assembly, leveling and refelting something I could do as a mechanically comfortable layman? or should I re-employ the professionals?

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Questions on Moving a 9' table

  • Title: Questions on Moving a 9' table
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/17/2015 7:18:53 PM