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Quality Technician

Quality Technician

What is the best way to find a quality technician to disassemble, transport, and properly reassemble a used table? What questions should I ask? How do you ensure that the work has been done properly?

How much should the cost be approximately?

Quality Technician

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  1. guestZeke on 6/27/2013 12:50:47 PM

    Stop by a few public billiard halls close to home. If the tables look bad, it's not because the tech they used was a bad tech. It's probably because they don't have any $$$ and good techs refuse to work for free.

    Find out who they use to keep the equipment in shape - when they actually have enough $$$ to perform repairs.

    Tell the guy what you have and what you need done and get a ball-park number. (No one will quote you a firm number until they see what they have to deal with.)

    There's a guy near Philly I would pay extra to drive to my place in VT - if he'd come this far.

    Then there's the local guy here in VT I did use, that I wouldn't recommend to anyone!

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Quality Technician

  • Title: Quality Technician
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  • Published: 6/27/2013 12:23:52 PM