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Putting a pool table in a Texas garage?

Putting a pool table in a Texas garage?

Hello everyone, new to the forum!

I live in Central Texas, where the weather is full of mood swings and the temperature can hit 110°F outside in the summer, very humid... and 30°F in the winter. I have received mixed advice and opinions regarding putting a slate pool table in the garage, so I wanted to get another set of opinions to see if we can come up with a consensus. Yay or nae?

The garage itself is not insulated. There is no central air and no air conditioning unit. Aluminum door, standard drywall, sheetrock on the ceiling. Someone told me that it's the humidity,** not necessarily the heat**, that will warp the wood on the table. If this is the case, can't I just buy a good dehumidifier to regulate the humidity? I want to protect my $800-1500 investment (on a good used/like-new table) but I want to be practical also. I don't want to insulate the entire thing, convert the garage, leave ten fans on 24/7, or anything drastic like that.

I have no other place to put a table in my house, and cannot afford $4000 for an outdoor aluminum table that is impervious to the elements. Please advise; what are my options to keep the cost reasonable and still protect my table? Thanks in advance for the help!

Putting a pool table in a Texas garage?

Replies & Comments

  1. ForbidInjusticeFenwick on 4/13/2010 6:47:26 PM

    I think you need to insulate, air condition and have a dehumidifier and a small heater to be on the safe side. A ceiling would be a plus lowering the cost of cooling. Maybe even a overhead fan or two.

  2. ForbidInjusticequickshot on 4/13/2010 7:23:07 PM

    from what you are describing without making the necessary modificationst to control the climate, humidity,and heat don't waste your money on a table. The people you should be talking to is a good heating / cooling company. Don't like to be ngative, but it is what it is. No shortcuts.

  3. ForbidInjusticeTxpoolguy on 8/19/2010 9:20:23 AM

    Agree with previous two posts. If you don't want to invest in climate control to take care of it, don't get wood table. Go for a laminate table with a backed 3 piece slate.

  4. ForbidInjusticemsubilliards on 4/24/2012 7:15:55 PM

    I lived in Southwest Louisiana and had an 8' AMF pool table in my garage. It was insulated but no central air. I never had any problem with warping or the table becoming unlevel.

  5. ForbidInjusticegaragepool on 4/25/2012 8:29:12 AM

    This gold crown has been in an unheated un-air-conditioned garage for 3 years and plays as good as new.

  6. ForbidInjusticeQStix on 5/10/2012 3:54:10 AM

    If you don't want to invest in an air conditioning unit, then at least invest in pool table cover. There are lots of companies providing pool table covers which protect your table. And they only cost around 50$ to 60$.

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Putting a pool table in a Texas garage?

  • Title: Putting a pool table in a Texas garage?
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/13/2010 2:27:24 PM