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Preparing a Pool Table for New Cloth

Preparing a Pool Table for New Cloth

I recently acquired a pool table and am in the process of setting it up and prepping for new felt and I have a couple of questions. First I have a small chip where two of my slates mate up. I have beeswax for the sealing. Is beeswax good enough for a small chip. The chip measures about 2" long and 1 " wide , at it's deepest point it is maybe an 8th of an inch. Would I be better off using something else to fill the chip or would just plain beeswax be good enough? Right now am working on getting everything level. I have read that prior to applying wax to seam you are supposed to heat up the seam. Is there any danger of harming the slate with too much heat? Like cracking or chipping?

Preparing a Pool Table for New Cloth

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  1. Fatsquickshot on 1/25/2010 8:48:03 AM

    To my knowledge heating the slate up is exactly what it says. heat it just enough to make the wax flow and settle. And yes, bees wax is fine for the job.

  2. FatsFats on 1/25/2010 9:08:44 AM

    Also am using a sanding sponge to get the plaster off. Somebody before slathered too much plaster on it. Am I okay using a sanding sponge to go over the slate lightly?

  3. FatsMitch Alsup on 1/25/2010 10:38:37 AM

    one caution: If you plan on performing jump shots on this table, you will need to remember where this "soft spot" is and not perform jump shots on the bees wax. It won't jump right, and will cause indentations.

    Use as light a pressure on the sanding as possible, but better yet, take a paint scraper and scrap off as much plaster as possible with as straight an edge as possible. You really want the slate to remain flat.

  4. FatsFats on 1/25/2010 1:57:04 PM

    Thanks. I have been using a scraper with good razor blades. Under the plaster I found some chips that had been repaired with wax. have gotten just about all the plaster off...right now working on getting the slate clean and leveling table and slate.

    What's a good cement for replacing the pool table cushions?

  5. FatsRoss on 2/18/2010 6:27:56 AM

    I had the following saved. I can't find the site I got it from, I'm not sure if it's online anymore. They recommended water-soluble contact cement.

    Water-soluble contact cement is the best for attaching the rubber to the liners. Be generous with it. The stretch you want to achieve on a short rail when laying the rubber is about 1/2 inch, and about twice that on a long rail. Don’t try to get more than that, and a little less is fine. Putting on the rubber is definitely a 2-person job; don’t even think of doing it alone. One person holds the rubber, liberally covered with dried contact cement, above the similarly covered liner. The second person lays and gently stretches the rubber along the liner, seating it firmly upon the liner shelf, then pushing it against the 20-degree face. Cut the excess rubber with a sharp box knife, then glue and nail the second end-block. It is not imperative that the rubber be glued to the end-blocks as the ball never touches this point. Easy job – for TWO people. You can apply cloth an hour after the rubber is attached.

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Preparing a Pool Table for New Cloth

  • Title: Preparing a Pool Table for New Cloth
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  • Published: 1/25/2010 8:39:57 AM