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Pool table maintenance and alternative uses

Pool table maintenance and alternative uses

As I stated in another forum I am planning on buying a pool table soon. My other post is on what pool table manufactures to look for. I have created a second post for these questions since it is more on accessories and upkeep.

I will have the pool table in the basement, and want to know what I need to worry about when having a pool table in the basement. I will have a dehumidifier so hopefully that won't be an issue. So my other questions. Would you recommend laying carpet down on the floor and having the pool table on the carpet, or is it OK to keep the table on the concrete floor.

How much lighting is needed above the table, and how high should it be above the table. I plan on having a pool table light hung from the ceiling, but if that won't work, then I can leave it off. The height from floor to the boards on the ceiling is about 7 ft, so hopefully the ceiling is high enough.

Also I would like to use the pool table for other purposes such as board games. So I will also be buying hard top cover for it. Is there anything I should look for so that it won't damage the top?

The store had what looked like foam padding that a cover lays over. I planning on buying something like that and then laying the hard top across the cover.

For the hard top one thing I am considering is a ping pong table top. Has anyone used these and how well do they work, and how sturdy are they.

Thanks for any replies.

Pool table maintenance and alternative uses

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Pool table maintenance and alternative uses

  • Title: Pool table maintenance and alternative uses
  • Author: (Ronald Lamb)
  • Published: 7/4/2010 5:26:39 PM