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Pool Table Felt and Rail Replacement

Pool Table Felt and Rail Replacement

I am finally going to recover my pool table. It is a 3 piece slate. I moved it once, so am familiar with how it goes together, and I have everything numbered.

I would like to get some high quality felt, and some high quality rails. So far, I have come up with Simonis 860HR, and K66 rails. Are these two quality choices, or are there others that are better that won't break the bank? I like to use English, sometimes a lot.

I read the Simonis site, and they say that they won't even send their videos to people who are not in the trade. They say that their cloths are not recommended for use by the DIY'er, and suggest against it. Is the project that hard? I have watched about 25 videos, youtube and proprietary videos, and none seem like rocket surgery to me. Yes, I do believe that there are some points to watch, but I will probably watch 25+ more videos and take notes on the tricky steps before I start.

I have a home shop of 1200 square foot, and have welding and woodworking equipment and experience. I have all the tools they request, including air stapler. I am familiar with tools, and do a lot of home projects, have built a 2200 sf home, and remodeled 5 of my residences.

One site said to slam a ball as hard as you could side to side, and count the returns. If four or less, replace rails. On my best throw, I can barely get five. Would replacing the rails be worth it, or does this sound good? At times I find the table to be a little dead on rail kickback. Everything is tight, and rail height is dead on all around the table.

So, what's up with Simonis approach that no one but a pro can do this? And what is your opinion of me attempting to refelt my table, and change the rails?

Lastly, are there other cloths and rails that you would suggest over my choices, and could you tell me why?

I have played pool for about fifty years now. I have a home table, and play daily. I would describe myself as better than average, and no one has beaten me badly on my own table. Yet.

Thanks in advance.

Pool Table Felt and Rail Replacement

Replies & Comments

  1. stevebMitch Alsup on 7/14/2013 2:48:09 PM

    Simonis cloth is no harder to install than any other cloth (nor is it easier). It is not rocket science, and if you've done it once, satisfactorily, the have at it. Just remember to pull it tight (really tight). and be careful around the side pocket (cut 4 small slices not the usual 2 with felt) since Simonis does not strech as far as felt. Otherwise, its just like any other cloth.

    I, personally, like the faster 760 over 860 because it causes me to work on the delicate end of the game. This becomes a serious advantage when others come to play against you as you get perfect position, and they over-roll it every time.

    Try another shot to determine if the rail are up for another couple years of use:: Place the CB at 1 diamond and 1 diamond, and perform a 5-8 rail shot with a cue stick. Anything more than 5 rails and the rails are good for another couple of years (unless you are a profectionist.) Good nes rails and fast cloth should allow 8-10 rails of diamonds around the table.

  2. stevebBob ford on 11/24/2013 8:00:23 PM

    I started playing pool again and was hoping I can enlarge the pockets in my very old pool table. I have smaller billiard balls and bought a set of bonus balls and find the small pockets very difficult to play. Any ideas other than buying a new table

  3. stevebFenwick on 11/25/2013 9:38:23 AM

    The pockets have shims. Remove to make them larger. Talk to a good Mechanic.

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Pool Table Felt and Rail Replacement

  • Title: Pool Table Felt and Rail Replacement
  • Author: (Steve Bulicz)
  • Published: 7/12/2013 4:44:34 PM