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Pool Table Cushion Height for Oversized Cue Ball

Pool Table Cushion Height for Oversized Cue Ball

I am going to be re-covering an 8 foot bar table soon. I'll be using new Simoniz 860 cloth and new rubber cushions for the pool table rails.

With the new technology out for cushions, is it still recommended to have a control strip on the cushions?

However my primary question is about cushion height. My pool table has an oversize cue ball. I am not sure of the exact size, I just know that it is "oversize". Are all oversize cue balls a "standard oversize"? The object balls are regulation 2 1/4" balls.

Do you think that if I found a balance between the cue ball size and the object ball size I could set the cushion height somewhere in between the optimal height? You know, if the optimal height is something like a 1 7/16 nose for the object balls and, say, a 1 13/16 nose for the oversize cue ball, I could then split the difference? e.g. the rail height would be 1 5/8, etc. (those numbers were just to illustrate).

Do you think that the cue ball would get airborne, or conversely, would the object balls "clunk" off the rail, or both, or neither?

Pool Table Cushion Height for Oversized Cue Ball

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  1. guestdartman on 9/20/2007 9:32:16 PM

    Cushion control strips are no longer necessary. What's important is finding a pool table cushion set that is rated for consistent speed and 100% accuracy such as the Championship Tour Edition cushions.

    Cue ball use is mostly determined by your pool table (e.g. based on what is needed to accommodate the ball return system, etc.). Some use an oversize cue ball (2 3/8"), some take a weighted cue ball and most use a magnetic cue ball. The weighted cue ball and magnetic cue balls are both a standard size at 2 1/4".

    If you want to do the math for cushion nose height, it is the diameter of the ball 2.25" X 62.5%. The optimal percentage range is 62% - 64% allowing the cushion to be a tad lower or higher.

    So yes. You can use the formula to arrive at a happy medium if using an oversize cue ball with a standard ball set.

    A cushion nose set too low will make the ball jump, and too high will suck it in robbing speed and accurate angle deflection.

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Pool Table Cushion Height for Oversized Cue Ball

  • Title: Pool Table Cushion Height for Oversized Cue Ball
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  • Published: 9/13/2007 4:51:35 AM