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Newbie Saying Hi, Asking Question

Newbie Saying Hi, Asking Question

Since I got retired I haven't used the bass boat much and I'm getting bored getting a pool table has entered my alleged mind. I'm not selling the boat so a new one is out of the question. I have seen several used ones here in Nashville. I thought I would ask the brain trust here before I do something stupid. Some of the prices are really good. Almost to good. After talking to some of these table owners I have found out that moving it is a LARGE issue. Having a pro move the one I'll buy is no problem.

I figured that out on day one of my search. Is there anything I need to lookout for I know about the cloth. The one I'm looking at needs to have a bumper re glued. I'm thinking about having recovered when the pro moves it. Advice, suggestions? Thanks in advance...

Newbie Saying Hi, Asking Question

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  1. JohninTennesseeguest on 12/3/2009 5:45:57 PM

    I know this is an older post but -- I just bought my first table. Used Brunswick Windsor VIP for only $100. Cheap table with 3/4 slates but I'll make the most out of it with new cushions and new Brunswick Centennial Cloth. Check the profile of your cushions before you replace. Some are K55 some are K66 and some (like mine were I found out ) are Brunswick U56. You need to match them up to the dimensions of your rails. You can't just put K55 cushions onto a U56 table, etc. Buy top quality cushions and good felt. I am redoing my cushions myself by stripping off the old dry rotted ones and removing the old glue. I'm buying Brunswick Centennial Cloth since it is worsted wool, highly rated and is stain resistant.

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Newbie Saying Hi, Asking Question

  • Title: Newbie Saying Hi, Asking Question
  • Author: (John Duke)
  • Published: 11/27/2007 10:48:54 AM