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New Cloth Selection and Installation

New Cloth Selection and Installation

I need a little help. Like a week ago, while I was gone to a friends house, my nephews peed, spilled coke, and ripped my pool table all in one day. You can guess how pissed off I am. Now I got some questions.

What is a good cloth that y'all would recommend for my 7 foot table and are the cloths hard to put on the table?

New Cloth Selection and Installation

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  1. planbskaterFenwick on 1/28/2008 9:58:43 PM

    I feel your pain. A Pool or Billiard table is like a fine piece of furniture to me. That's how I was raised. My father was a Cabinet Maker or a wood worker and a Lumber Jack in his youth. I don't know off hand but I think @billiardsforum, @JohninTennessee, or others here could help you find the right cloth for your needs.

    Where are you located. I would go to the small shop and see if the older gentleman owner can help you out or talk to a owner of a billiard hall.

    As far as your nephews, if they were mine they would be in hiding. If they did the damage they should pay for the cloth and installation!

  2. planbskaterplanbskater on 2/2/2008 10:54:32 AM

    I live in Athens, Tennessee.

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New Cloth Selection and Installation

  • Title: New Cloth Selection and Installation
  • Author: (Gary Curtis)
  • Published: 1/27/2008 11:14:13 AM