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New Brunswick Bridgeport Rail Damage

New Brunswick Bridgeport Rail Damage

I purchased a new Brunswick Bridgeport table, in March of 2016. It was professionally installed in a nice first floor location. The third time I used the table, my pants pocket snagged on the corner of the table and splintered a piece of the rail about 3 inches long, off and into my leg.

No major surgery was required and my leg fully recovered. The table however has a big chip in it now and Brunswick says , it's my problem and this isn't a manufacturing or design issue.

Has anyone dealt with the corner gap on the Bridgeport table? I predict if this happened once it will happen again.

The corners don't full come together, there is about an 1/8 gap, vertically all around the corner where the rails meet. Is this gap functional ?

New Brunswick Bridgeport Rail Damage

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New Brunswick Bridgeport Rail Damage

  • Title: New Brunswick Bridgeport Rail Damage
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/8/2016 3:26:30 PM