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Install Question


I have a Kasson table that I'm in the process of refelting (or attempting to). I originally reused the felt that came with it when I bought it from a neighbor. This time however, I've chosen to change colors and now must address the rails. I'm very confused on how to get the new felt onto the rails. I thought that screws attached the bumpers to the rails but upon closer inspection I believe these screws only attach the rails themselves to the table. A lot of internet articles discuss Feather Strips - these are not visible on my rails, do all rails utilize feather strips? do the bumpers themselves drop down (via a hinge of some sort) from the rails? Any help/advice would be great appreciated, thanks in advance! (the bumper and rail are snuggly fit together with no visible gap whatsoever)

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  1. ophiacusFenwick on 10/14/2009 1:01:58 PM

    I'm doing a search for you in case no one can help you here. It may take a few days.

  2. ophiacusFenwick on 10/14/2009 10:15:41 PM

    I have two answers for you from two different table mechanics..

    you need to take the rails completly loose and free from the table and pockets/corner caps, now if you flip the rails upside down you will notice a bunch of staples. now is the time to remove them, after you have that done you can flip the rail cloth out of the way so you can see the cushion, then there should be a wooden/plastic/rubber strip holding the cloth in. gently pull the cloth upwards as close the the fs as possible and go every couple inches and pull up more to remove the fs.

    if you are trying to recover your table and couldnt figure this out by looking at it, then i suggest not doing the job yourself, esp if you are using a nice cloth. as you could end up wasting a chunk of change. the bed cloth itself however will be easier to fig out on your own and make look ok.

    good luck in what ever route you take

    my suggestion is to leave the table together."remove pocket liner"..use a razor to cut the cloth under the rail/cushion area "close to the bottom" all the way from the inside of one pocket to another..cut the cloth so u can pull it back and see whats under the cloth..pull back towards you at a angle slowly on the excess rail cloth<< you will see a strip of material either plastic,rubber or wood in a groove holding the cloth in place, that's the feather strip

  3. ophiacusflyguy on 11/17/2009 5:26:49 AM

    Here's a link that might help.


    There are also numerous other sites that have step-by-step instructions on recovering your rails and bed. I just finished recovering my 1915 Brunswick Victor table, and it's totally doable if you take your time and do the research. That being said, I agree with Fenwick that if you have any doubt at all, have a professional do it. This is the second time I've recovered my table, the first being after I totally restored it, so I have an intimate knowledge on how it is assembled. I got the table in pieces, and among other things had to replace the cushions which were rotted with age.

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Install Question

  • Title: Install Question
  • Author: (David Richardson)
  • Published: 10/14/2009 9:49:18 AM