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Fix Slow Rolling Pool Table Felt

Fix Slow Rolling Pool Table Felt

I bought this slate pool table from an old pub for really cheap and fixed it up.

I installed green LEDs under the pockets, multi color LEDs for ball rack, and other LEDs under it. I also repainted it, installed new felt, and installed a magnetic ball return for the cue ball.

My restoration is complete but the roll just doesn't feel right. The felt plays really slow and the balls seem to stop really quickly.

Here is a video so you can see how sluggish the balls roll:

Any Ideas on how to make the felt roll better?

I have tried tightening the felt, ironing the felt, and flipping the felt over. None of those things made any difference. What am I missing?

Fix Slow Rolling Pool Table Felt

Replies & Comments

  1. str8rippinproFenwick on 12/19/2009 11:27:52 AM

    It's the cloth. Nothing you can do except replace it IMHO. Mitch Alsup has a vast knowledge of cloth types and maybe he will chime in and give you a few suggestions.

  2. str8rippinprostr8rippinpro on 12/19/2009 3:33:32 PM

    I bought the felt from eBay down here in Australia:

    "195 PURPLE MATRIX Pool Table Cloth Felt"

    I don't want to have to re-felt the whole thing it's a pain in the ass.

  3. str8rippinproFenwick on 12/19/2009 4:13:12 PM

    Again some cloth has a thicker nap. I play on 20 plus tables; 42 total in the house where I play. One table, # 26 sees the least playing time and has a thicker nap cloth on it. It plays like yours. When we play on it we just hit them harder. I did watch the video. I can understand you not wanting to waste money recovering the cloth. As long as your seams on the slate are not wax iron away. I did it to a few tables years ago. It helped a little. You could also re stretch the cloth but don't over stretch it. The last thing that comes to mind is you're in Australia. Is the table in a very humid area? That can cause a table to play slow. If so a dehumidifier would help.

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Fix Slow Rolling Pool Table Felt

  • Title: Fix Slow Rolling Pool Table Felt
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/19/2009 3:12:06 AM
  • Last Updated: 12/19/2009 3:17:55 AM
  • Last Updated By: str8rippinpro