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Felt coming up short on ends

Felt coming up short on ends

I realized that I bought a regular 8 foot felt for an oversize 8 foot table. Cannot return. I measured without stretching and I am 2 inches short. Do you think I can stretch it 2 inches on long ends (101 without stretching but need at least 103) to get some staples in? Med quality felt probably around 21 ounce material.

Felt coming up short on ends

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  1. dduffettdduffett on 2/5/2009 10:01:31 AM

    Trying to clarify previous post. Does anyone know how far a typical 100 inch long piece of table felt will stretch? 1 inch, 1/2 inch, 2 inches, zero, etc.

  2. dduffettMitch Alsup on 2/5/2009 11:52:54 AM
    1. I don't know if you can stretch it as far as you need.
    2. you could take some of the old clothe and sew it onto the long ends so you have enough room. This will end up being covered by the rails and would not show up.

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Felt coming up short on ends

  • Title: Felt coming up short on ends
  • Author: (D Duffett)
  • Published: 2/5/2009 12:28:00 AM