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Chicago Coin Clover Bumper Pool

Chicago Coin Clover Bumper Pool

I just got an old Chicago coin clover bumper pool. It isn't working at this time. Is anyone familiar with these 50's coin op electronic lighted tables. I plugged it in and turned it on and the transformer started sizzling and smoking. It looks to be a really cool table with all kids of lights bells etc. Any line on parts would be great or I may have to clean it up and make a coffee table out of it.

Chicago Coin Clover Bumper Pool

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  1. jake1960allanpsand on 5/2/2013 9:48:06 AM

    Find a vending machine supplier and ask if they can repair 50's pin ball games - or if they know someone who can.

    A decent pin-ball repairman can do some testing to determine what needs fixing - and either has resources for replacement parts or can manufacture/repair some of the parts.

    Find a couple of these guys and ask for costs for a service call.

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Chicago Coin Clover Bumper Pool

  • Title: Chicago Coin Clover Bumper Pool
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  • Published: 4/14/2013 3:33:46 PM