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Buying and moving a pool table

Buying and moving a pool table

Hi, I found a decent table on Craigslist for $250 OBO. I went to look at it and I really like the table and want to buy it. The thing is that I am 16 and do not have enough money to pay pool table movers what I am going to pay for the table to move it to my house. This leaves me with the only option to move it myself. The pool table is in a back room and I cant just dolly it out like if it was in a garage. Should I just lift it up, take the legs off, and move it through the door or should I take the whole thing apart? This is most likely a three piece slate table. I also would like to find out how to put the table back together correctly, level it, put the slate on, and the put the same felt back on. I cant find anything on how to put the original felt on a pool table back on. Any useful information would be a huge help because I have never moved anything this complicated before. Thanks.

Buying and moving a pool table

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  1. Isaiahstanleytasha_silvester on 7/30/2013 4:19:59 AM

    Its better if you can take the legs off and try moving the pool table to your room by yourself through the door.

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Buying and moving a pool table

  • Title: Buying and moving a pool table
  • Author: (Isaiah Stanley)
  • Published: 7/19/2013 12:36:48 PM