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Pool Table Light Questions

Pool Table Light Questions

I currently have an old Coors Light pool table light hung over the center of my 7' Valley table. I have had the light since I was about 15, it works, just not my taste anymore.

I was given a 12v track system that is a powered rail that can bend into shapes (within reason) and then 12v MR16 fixtures attach to it anywhere along the rail. They can be aimed to almost all angles. This is more modern and fits more with the decor.

Question is- they are meant to mount to the ceiling and hang down, say 6" from ceiling. Is that too high for a pool table light? Typical 7 1/2' basement ceiling. Thinking of making it into a straight sides along long edge of table and curved ends, maybe a foot smaller than table surface itself. I have 6 lights that I can place around. Would that be sufficiant lighting? or would I get weird shadows from being so high up?

Pool Table Light Questions

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  1. firewater88Zeke on 6/23/2015 1:45:05 PM

    ALWAYS make the lights adjustable in height. Amazing how many people have the lights in their eyes - or so far up 30% of the lift is washing the wall -not the table...

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Pool Table Light Questions

  • Title: Pool Table Light Questions
  • Author: (Jeremy Cox)
  • Published: 6/23/2015 9:18:43 AM