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Standard Billiard Supply Company Pool Table

Standard Billiard Supply Company Pool Table

I am a senior citizen and bought a 1930’s billiard table at a private sale. The nameplate is worn but SEEMS to say Standard Billiard Supply Company. I cannot find much about this company or pictures of their products. Can anyone provide information?

Standard Billiard Supply Company Pool Table

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  1. rkbuchneZeke on 2/10/2015 5:57:20 AM

    A little more info please.

    What size is the playing surface?

    Pictures are needed.

    Slate, leather pockets, etc.?

  2. rkbuchnerkbuchne on 2/10/2015 4:38:34 PM

    The table is 8.5 foot long and a little less than half that wide (I was told that was unusual). It has veneer on the legs. The brass nameplate is worn and starts with an “S”. My guess is the first word is “Standard” (but it could be something else, photo attached), the remaining words are definitely “Billiard Supply Company”.

    I searched your GREAT website and found a few “Billiard Supply Company” vendors, but only one starting with “S”. According to the internet there was a Standard Billiard Supply Company in North Carolina and Maryland, but I cannot find anything about them (and it seems like a long way to ship here to California).

    The table has flared legs with chrome strips and three (3) funny rail bolts with dimples needing a fork wrench (I was told these bolts were used up until the 1940s). The remaining fifteen (15) rail bolts have square heads (these may have been the original bolts). All bolts are 7/16-14 (14 pitch is supposedly old) and about 4 inches long (the web has copies of these dimple bolts, but they are 4.5 inches long -- too long to fit in this table).

    There are no other markings except wood etched “19234” on the rails and “618” on the main beam and “handle with care” signs on the one inch - three piece slab. The table looks similar to the Brunswick "Challenger" (1936) or Victor “20th Century” that I found on the web. I emailed Victor and they did not think it was one of theirs.

    The pictures show a blue felt which was installed by the previous owner the pockets are tan leather.

  3. rkbuchneuser1539275363 on 10/11/2018 9:29:24 AM

    Standard Billiard Supply Company at 40 S. Howard Street in Baltimore MD was a business that bought inventory from closing pool halls and restored the pool tables for reselling.

    The business no longer exists. The business was in operation in the 1960s and 1970s.

    My family bought a Brunswick Challenger 8' slate bed table from them in the early 1970s.

  4. rkbuchnevreeble on 1/21/2021 11:08:52 AM

    @rkbuchne - Did you ever figure anything out about your pool table?

    I just got a table with the same leg deco. There is no name on it.

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Standard Billiard Supply Company Pool Table

  • Title: Standard Billiard Supply Company Pool Table
  • Author: (Richard Buchness)
  • Published: 2/9/2015 3:57:57 PM