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Need help on identifying pool table

Need help on identifying pool table

I just bought this used coin-operated pool table but can't find any serial numbers or model numbers on it. It may be a Venture pool table cause the cash box says Venture on it, but not positive because the parts on the inside look like Valley. (i looked on the valley website). The reason why I am asking is that the cue ball gets stuck randomly at 1 of 2 spots inside the table. One spot is between the trasition from the wood and the short rail (see seperater pic). The 2nd spot is around the corner at the lower end of the gully inside the table where the balls turn toward the seperater.

Corner casting

Side corner

trap door

Look at Ball return inside table where seperater is at.

picture of center gully inside table

Clean out door on side of table


Need help on identifying pool table

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Need help on identifying pool table