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Need Help Identifying an Old Pool Table

Need Help Identifying an Old Pool Table

I bought this pool table a few weeks ago, pretty much sight unseen, it was disassembled, and i didn't even see it that way till i got there, had no idea what it would look like. just knew the slate was in good shape and he only wanted 50, came with cues, cue rack, balls, everything you'd need to start playing, other then felt. if i didn't buy it it was gonna be destroyed to get out of his basement.

I wanted a table so i said screw it, whats $50? 50 games and its paid for itself (going by bar prices to play ha), a lot cheaper of a way to learn to play. anyways, put it together and been playing it for a couple weeks, and i decided to try to identify it. they guy i got it from bought it from his friend 10 years ago, and remembered helping him set it up at some point, but that's it. name plate is long gone, so i just started searching pictures of old tables and i found what appears to be it on Brunswick's web site, the Brunswick Wilmington.

The specs all match, and I've found pics of these being recovered, and everything look exactly the same. anyways, was hoping someone could tell me if i'm looking in the right direction, as that's the only table that's remotely similar I've found, and other then missing side covers, it appears to me to be a match. anyways, here are the pics of mine.

Need Help Identifying an Old Pool Table

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Need Help Identifying an Old Pool Table

  • Title: Need Help Identifying an Old Pool Table
  • Author: (Dan Burback)
  • Published: 2/4/2012 8:33:32 AM