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How to Determine Used Pool Table Quality?

How to Determine Used Pool Table Quality?

I am trying to figure out what kind of pool table this is in the photos below. I would appreciate any thoughts on what brand of pool table this may be. Any ideas?

It is listed for sale and I'm going to look at it tomorrow.

What are some specific things I can look for to indicate quality of a billiard table or lack thereof?

How to Determine Used Pool Table Quality?

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  1. rylosamZeke on 11/11/2015 8:00:32 AM

    Need more pictures. There should be a metal plate somewhere on the surface of the rail stating model or brand. Take a close up of either side rail at the side pocket. How the rail and pocket are shaped and connected reveals much about quality and brand.

    The shape and form of the rail surface "diamonds" also can reveal much.

    If you want real input, provide the link you're looking at so we can see what you can see...

  2. rylosamrylosam on 11/11/2015 9:19:16 AM

    The owner isn't sure of the brand so I'm assuming it doesn't have a plaque mounted. Should their be branding somewhere underneath the table, or any other hints I can look for when I go see it?

    I've added one other picture to the original question that may help. The owner has a custom top for the table that is also in the picture (partially). Not much to go on I know, but thanks in advance.

  3. rylosamrylosam on 11/12/2015 7:53:04 AM

    So I have gone and looked at the pool table.

    Here are a few more pictures. It is strange that the table has no plaque or branding marks at all that I could see anywhere. The owner says it has 3/4" slate but it had a more artificial look and feel to it when I got underneath the table (but I'm no expert either).

    The owner says the billiard table is about 2-3 years old. Any help identifying the pool table is greatly appreciated.

  4. rylosamZeke on 11/12/2015 8:22:39 AM

    Odd. the pics don't help much - other than to show the table has a cover that has no play/lines for ping pong and appears to be a mahogany veneer? Perhaps for dining?

    Odd the owner does not know the brand of a 3 year old table. Does he have any receipts, records, or provenance docs?

    What's the cushion lip to lip dimension, e.g., what size is the table?

    Does the owner recall where he bought the table and/or around what he paid for it 3 years ago?

  5. rylosamrylosam on 11/12/2015 11:53:17 AM

    He had the top custom made for dining. He cant produce receipts and the store apparently isn't in business any longer. A lot of red flags with this. In your opinion, does the construction/hardware underneath look sound and on par with a quality pool table build?

  6. rylosamZeke on 11/12/2015 6:53:19 PM

    It's definitely not an old pool table. The hardware is decent looking. The blocks and brackets look okay and the plywood shown is many-layered - implying better quality e.g., 7 layer plywood is more stable than 5. It is also more expensive to make.

    Is it a $2,000 pool table? Not in my opinion, but not too much below that either.

    What all is included with the table and what is the breakdown, moving, and setup of the pool table going to cost you? It all adds up.

    Meanwhile, Costco has a decent table, delivered and installed, for well under $4000.

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How to Determine Used Pool Table Quality?

  • Title: How to Determine Used Pool Table Quality?
  • Author: (Ryan Howell)
  • Published: 11/11/2015 6:27:55 AM