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how to date a brunswick table

how to date a brunswick table

i just bought an old 8x4 brunswick table that i think is a gold crown "1". the label says gold crown, and the serial number stamped on the frame is "Kd478". any idea how old it is? also, the frame apron rail colour looks original but does not match the base which also appears to be the original colour. is that normal?

it sure is a beautiful table to play. i set it up, leveled the centre slate with the feet and the outer slate pieces were perfectly level with no adjustments needed.

how to date a brunswick table

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  1. semlinflyguy on 11/15/2009 8:56:51 AM

    You probably already got an answer to your question, but here's what I did when I restored my old Brunswick. Mine was in pieces, a very old 4x8 leather drop pocket table. I took detailed pictures and sent them to the customer service people at Brunswick (this was in 1993 - no internet access at that time). They dated the table and even sent me a copy of the old catalog ad for it. It's a Brunswick Victor, made between 1912-1915. Good people there at Brunswick.

  2. semlinGeorgeUSAF on 5/11/2012 5:00:15 PM

    Does anyone have a summary of the good and bad of the 1 2 3 4 or 5?

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how to date a brunswick table

  • Title: how to date a brunswick table
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  • Published: 4/12/2009 4:47:50 PM