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Help, who built this Custom Table? - Louisville KY

Help, who built this Custom Table? - Louisville KY

I've been searching for used pool tables and I'm trying to decide between buying this table and a Steepleton Pyrmaid Pro. I will be inspecting the table tomorrow after work. It looks like a nice sturdy table, but there are Zero manufacturer markings on any of the rails, etc.

The owner of the table bought it when he bought the house in 1989 and the guy who sold it said he had it custom made.

After further inspection by the current owner he found the markings KK 5(then something) 85, which makes it seem to me as if it was built in May 1985 with someone with the initials of KK.

It strongly resembles a Diamond Arkansas table (who is local), but I sent them the pictures and they don't believe it's their table (plus Diamond began in 1987).

My concerns are:

  1. Who built the table, and is it quality?
  2. Can the frame be completely disassembled so that it can fit down my narrow 90 degree basement stairs ( I know it is 3 piece slate).
  3. Is it worth buying over the Steepleton, which is a model I am familiar with?

I'm sure this one was far more expensive than the Steepleton (which was around $2k new), but am hesitant since I don't know who built it.

May 85 is also the month I was born... so that makes it enticing. Here are the pics of the custom table:

Here is the Steepleton table:


I'm seeing the Steepleton tonight and the "custom" tomorrow, so I can take additional pictures.

They're both sweet deals as the guy with the Steepleton is asking $350 for the table and accessories and the "custom" is asking $475 for the table and accessories. Any help in identifying the tables, or just general advise would be much appreciated. I used to play a lot of pool back in the day, but I'm not a table expert.

Help, who built this Custom Table? - Louisville KY

Replies & Comments

  1. drmillerdrmiller on 12/8/2011 8:37:52 PM

    Well nevermind. I was going to buy this table, but it turned out to be an issue getting it down my stairs.

    So when a mint custom Diamond Kimberly table popped up today, I blew my budget and bought it.

  2. drmillerdrmiller on 12/12/2011 6:52:28 AM

    In case anyone is curious (and by the lack of posts I doubt it..), the first table above turned out to be a custom table made by Steepleton in 1981.

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Help, who built this Custom Table? - Louisville KY

  • Title: Help, who built this Custom Table? - Louisville KY
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/6/2011 7:43:29 AM