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Brunswick Gold Crown Knockoff?

Brunswick Gold Crown Knockoff?

I am in the hunt for a 9 ft pool table and looking for a contemporary style like the Gold Crown. I found one local at a pool hall. The owner stated it was a Brunswick, but it had no identification anywhere on it. He stated he purchased it in NJ, 5-6 years ago. It is dark rosewood or mahogany laminate I believe with gold/brass feet and corner guards. It looks Identical to the Crown IV except the corner guards are plain, no logos on them. He stated that the manufacturer built these from parts from Brunswick, but they could not market them as Brunswick. It looks to be of really nice quality. It has a ball return system made of metal rails that run along the sides underneath. Any idea without pic who makes this, or if this is true. I just do not want to find out I bought a China made table. I am looking within the next weeks, and will update when I purchase. Keep up the posts on here, I will be back.

Brunswick Gold Crown Knockoff?

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Brunswick Gold Crown Knockoff?

  • Title: Brunswick Gold Crown Knockoff?
  • Author: (Keith Lundholm)
  • Published: 1/27/2010 8:45:43 PM