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Age and type of pool table

Age and type of pool table

I just purchased a 9 foot pool table with the tapered cabinet style and 4 rail bolts per rail. I believe this is around 70 years old--the previous owner has had it 40 years that I know and he purchased it from a military institution in Virginia.

I have not see anything similar, especially the way the side skirt fits up unto the metal pockets that protect the leather pockets, style 6 rings. Also the cabinet and legs are what appear to be a factory speckled spray paint of a rustic maroon color which I have seen on previous older tables--I was wondering if there is an easy way to refinish this kind of finish.

The skirt and metal protection for the pockets have also been spray-painted a tan color in the manner the cabinet was done.

If anyone has any further information of such a table, that would be appreciated. It has 3 one-inch slates on an inch frame backing. The slates have the dowels that connect them to each other.

One picture is with the table put together and the other with the side skirts off.

Age and type of pool table

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Age and type of pool table

  • Title: Age and type of pool table
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/30/2010 5:22:05 PM