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Pool felt and english

Pool felt and english

I just got a pool table in my house a few weeks ago and we've been playing on it quite a bit. I noticed the other night when we went to pool hall that it was WAY easier to english etc. then it was on my table

Is this because the felt is worn down so there is less resistance or did I get the wrong kind of felt? Is there anything I can do "flatten" out the felt?


Pool felt and english

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  1. karnival8Mitch Alsup on 10/29/2009 9:49:34 PM

    It is likely that you got the "cheapo" stuff. This typical product has high surface friction. The friction takes the draw from teh cue ball before the CB gets to the OB. It also gets rid of top spin, so about the only spin that persists for more than a couple of feet is side spin.

    As the felt wears down it will get faster.

    After a year or so, when this felt is worn enough to be replaced, consider Simonis or Brusnwick Centinial cloth. Simonis 860 is what many major tourneyments are played on, Simonis 760 is a little faster, Simonis 300 is for 3-cussion billiards only (very fast), centinial is about like Simonis 860. These cloths will cost about 3X what the cheapo felt cost, and will last at least 3X longer.

    The faster the cloth, the easier it is to 'see' the physics of english taking place between the cloth and the ball. The faster the cloth, the more delicate you shotmaking HAS to be. The faster the cloth, the more sensitive slow shots are to unlevelness of the table surface. On my 8 foot table, I can hit 9 and 10 rail bank shots with Simonis 760, and a single sheet of typing paper under a leg will unlevel the table enough to move the dying CB by 1mm. So the performance comes with the necessity of getting the table set up really well (and keepign it that way).

  2. karnival8quickshot on 10/30/2009 5:35:50 AM

    Mitch has just about said it all. Your only other option is not to wait until it wears down and replace it now so you can enjoy using the table to its fullest extent. The reason I mention this is, you will be so use to the slow felt it will it will have an effect on your game anywhere else and in the long haul. Be like playing 2 different games so to speak.

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Pool felt and english

  • Title: Pool felt and english
  • Author: (Ryan Blackman)
  • Published: 10/29/2009 3:56:13 PM