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NFL Polyester Felt from Imperial

NFL Polyester Felt from Imperial

I am looking into putting some Imperial NFL polyester felt on my pool table. This stuff normally sells for at least $450 and I got some for less than half price.

This is for my first pool table that will be in my basement bar and only used by amateurs, no serious players. I've read that typical polyester felt is low quality and not good, although I'm not sure why.

For my purposes, any opinions on the potential that I might be disappointed in this and instead should use a higher quality felt, or can I go ahead and support my team color/logo? Go Ravens (next year).

NFL Polyester Felt from Imperial

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NFL Polyester Felt from Imperial

  • Title: NFL Polyester Felt from Imperial
  • Author: (Chris Whyte)
  • Published: 1/21/2016 5:59:51 PM