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billiard table cloth Eurospeed

billiard table cloth Eurospeed


Let me introduce billiard table cloth Eurospeed and Eurosprint ** which has been **proven in European markets .

It's appreciated all over the world by the players and professionals. It is designed according to the smallest details required in specific billiard. Thanks to technology and its composition tablecloth Eurospeed and Eurosprint maximize the properties needed in the game.

Eurospeed or Eurosprint billiard tablecloth:

  • _ **Ensures maximum acceleration of the ball ** _ and its torsion therefore doesn't distort the shot. If the hit is executed correctly, the ball rolls along the trajectory.
  • Billiard tablecloth doesn't change its form during using so people in a short time won't watch the waves on the table, preventing the game
  • Due to its composition the probability of defects appearance on the cloth is reduced to minimum, so any obstacles won't prevent the movement of the ball on the table
  • _ Each cloth is designed for the certain billiards _, so all the subtleties of pyramid or Russian billiards, etc are taken into account
  • Cloth Eurospeed and Eurosprint are _ **produced exclusively from the highest quality Australian wool ** _ and serves much longer than their famous rivals
  • So it's necessary to recover billiard table a lot less and you can save more money. Billiard club with 10 tables using cloth Eurospeed or Eurosprint saves about $2000
  • Billiard tablecloth Eurospeed or Eurosprint costs **30% -40% cheaper ** than their famous rivals, which allows you to save a few thousand dollars

Billiard table cloth Eurospeed, Eurosprint - cloth which is liked in billiard world!

All the information you can read on billiardscover.com official site of Eurospeed, Eurosprint billiard table cloth.

billiard table cloth Eurospeed

Replies & Comments

  1. NicaTinMitch Alsup on 10/27/2011 1:57:57 PM

    Your web site is all screwed up. The front page loads, but none of the other pages is found.

  2. NicaTinpontos on 11/8/2011 8:46:27 AM

    yes their site doesn't work. However I installed their cloth eurospeed to my table. It is cheaper than Simonis. It seems the quality is good. I think I'll sure in their quality in 3-5 months.

  3. NicaTinNicaTin on 11/9/2011 4:32:38 AM

    The site was under construction. Now It's accessable. Pontos, you can be sure that Eurospeed and Eurosprint billiard table cloth is high quality and is considered as the best ratio price - quality

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billiard table cloth Eurospeed

  • Title: billiard table cloth Eurospeed
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/27/2011 8:04:22 AM