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Billiard Cloth Shedding

Billiard Cloth Shedding

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could provide some info. I just had Championship Cloth installed on a pool table and only played a couple games and found that the cloth has much shedding that is adhering to the balls. I brushed the felt, played again and still shedding. I brushed one more time and there still seems to be what I call excessive shedding where after a game, the balls have much felt debris on them. Does this go away quickly or is the cloth bad? Is there anything I can/should do to reduce the shedding? The cue ball obviously is the worst but I am really surprised how much the cloth sheds. I would say after 6 full banks, the cue ball needs cleaning. What should I do here?

Thanks in advance for the comments and suggestions!

Billiard Cloth Shedding

Replies & Comments

  1. PaulSharkwhammo on 1/15/2010 3:33:53 PM

    I have the tour edition Championship cloth and I don't have any thing like you describe.


  2. PaulSharkPaulShark on 1/15/2010 4:23:07 PM

    So I do not want to create any damage to the table or cloth but against my better judgement, I vacuumed it using a soft bristle brush and low vac draw. I played 3 games and there was considerably less felt lint accumulated on the cue ball. There still was some but not like originally. Could this be static on the balls picking up the lint? I did notice it on the table brush too. I'm almost afraid to brush it now that this will cause more shedding.

    I should be more specific, this is the Championship Teflon fabric. I have not called the installer yet but was just wondering if it is normal in the beginning to have this. I looked up felt shedding and many felt manufactures says their cloth is designed to reduce "pilling and shedding" so it must occur.

    I also do not think it is kosher to stop the game in the middle of play to wipe off the lint from the cue ball.

    One more question...I do not want to be the guinnea pig but has anyone ever used static guard on a cloth or anything to help the shedding?

  3. PaulSharkFenwick on 1/16/2010 7:12:51 PM

    Sounds like you got a bad batch of cloth. Call the installer and have him take a look. I'd be asking for new cloth or a refund.

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Billiard Cloth Shedding

  • Title: Billiard Cloth Shedding
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/15/2010 2:28:03 PM