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"Cue Ball Fouls Only" Rule

"Cue Ball Fouls Only" Rule

At one time the BCA pool league rules contained the following section:


When a referee is presiding over a match, it is a foul for a player to touch any ball (cue ball or object ball) with the cue, clothing, body, mechanical bridge or chalk, before, during or after a shot. However, when a referee is not presiding over a game, it is not a foul to accidentally touch stationary balls located between the cue ball and the shooter while in the act of shooting. If such an accident occurs, the player should allow the Tournament Director to restore the object balls to their correct positions. If the player does not allow such a restoration, and a ball set in motion as a normal part of the shot touches such an unrestored ball, or passes partly into a region originally occupied by a disturbed ball, the shot is a foul. In short, if the accident has any effect on the outcome of the shot, it is a foul. In any case, the Tournament Director must be called upon to restore the positions of the disturbed balls as soon as possible, but not during the shot. It is a foul to play another shot before the Tournament Director has restored any accidentally moved balls. At the non-shooting player’s option, the disturbed balls will be left in their new positions. In this case, the balls are considered restored, and subsequent contact on them is not a foul. It is still a foul to make any contact with the cue ball whatsoever while it is in play, except for the normal tip-to-ball contact during a shot.

I can not find this in the current edition of the rule book. Now, apparently the disturbed ball rule applies to any ball on the table with the exception of the cue ball and without the player being in the act of shooting. In other words, if you accidentally move an object ball at any time during your inning, it falls under the disturbed ball rule and is not a foul unless it meets the other criteria that would make it a foul. The above section stated that the rule applied only to object balls between the shooter and the cue ball after he had assumed his stance in the act of shooting and/or in the execution of his shot. I copied this section from the rule book in July 2010.

Does anyone have any further information on this subject?

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