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Jeanette Lee Forefeits Local Tournament

Jeanette Lee Forefeits Local Tournament

First off, I wanna start by saying that I created this account for the sole purpose of telling this story and that everything u read below is factual. I don't know anything about this site, but if someone thinks this should be posted in a different category, please let me know. I

P.S. I apologize for the length of this in advance, but I know people want all the facts. It is hard to believe and definitely worth the read.

On February 21st I went to an A-B-C tournament at John Wayne's Pub in Greenwood, Indiana. I go up there with a couple buddies and we immediately grab an open table, (with chairs, not a pool table.) which we sit at for the next four or five hours After a while Jeanette Lee walks in, which is no biggie considering she lives in Indianapolis and one can see her at any bigger pool tournaments in the area on any given weekend. I myself have seen her numerous times at different pool halls and the DBCC. The calcutta starts at around one o'clock, and goes through 45 C players. The 14 A-B players are next and begin with a wild bid, which was not Jeanette. Her name gets called next and me and my friend buy her for $140. For 35 dollars apiece we think we got a steal, (Or so we thought) knowing that the tourney is gonna pay at least a thousand to win.

Anybody who knows anything about tournament pool knows that if a player does not buy themselves in the calcutta then THEY must find the person who bought them and BUY half themselves from the buyer. Knowing that she always has people hounding her for pictures and autographs, I go find her. I introduce myself, as she sits at a table trying to download a popular poker website, and tell her its 70 bucks for half of herself. She responds verbatim "Let me see how big the pot is...I will let you know." We bs'd for about 5 more minutes and i went back to my seat. The tournament begins and everybody starts playing , and woofing, and carrying on as players usually do. I don't give much more thought about it.

About eight o'clock, i hear my name being called over the PA by one of the tournament directors. I know exactly whats about to happen as soon as I hear him ask me to come up there. He tells me that Jeanette has been looking for me, and wants to buy half of herself. I don't say yes or no, I just go back to my seat .

About ten o'clock Jeanette begins playing one of the guys I rode up there with in the finals of the winners bracket of the A-B side. During the first game of the match, she walks away after a miss and walks up to the tourney directors and asks them to get me up there. She says, "hey, I've been looking for you...I want to buy half of myself." I tell her that was 8 hrs ago and it was too late. She responds by turning around and breaking down her pool cue.

Ok, here's my take on the subject. My account of what went down. I rode up to John Wayne's with a couple friends and their girlfriends. I did not drive, so therefore I never left. We arrive around 11:30 or so and sat at a table in the middle section of of the tournament area. Jeanette arrived later but was definitely in time for the calcutta. I bought Jeanette for 140 dollars and went to her to offer her half. She said she wanted to look at the pot first and she would let me know. We talked for roughly five minutes after that, which would have been sufficient time to just give me seventy dollars. There were 59 players, how could she not win enough to cover her expenses?

My friends and I play in the tournament, but always return back to that table which their girlfriends are sitting at, as well as our coats and belongings. That being said, I could have easily been found. She also got on the microphone on two different occasions to speak, so I figured she could have easily called "the gentleman who bought me" to come speak with her. As I've said, everyone knows that if someone buys you in the calcutta, you are supposed to buy half of yourself before you hit even one ball. Every pool player in every tournament would love to get a free ride in the calcutta and then claim half the dough in the end.

Look, she had a great chance of winning the tournament, but just because someone is supposed to win or get second, DOES NOT mean that they do not "really" have to buy half of themselves. It is not just "understood" that they want half of themselves because they are going to win the tournament. That is why I wouldn't give her half of herself. I've never seen anything like that by any caliber of player, and sure didn't expect her to react the way she did. She forfeited the entire tourney from there, and cost me and my buddy to lose 35 dollars apiece.

This is what really happened so everyone can think what you will but this is the way I saw it. There are at least three sides to every story, so i would love to hear what Jeanette or anyone else who was there have to say.

Jeanette Lee Forefeits Local Tournament

Replies & Comments

  1. TompnationFenwick on 2/25/2009 11:15:56 AM

    You already have this posted elsewhere correct? I have no doubt something unsportsmanlike may have happened, (I wasn't there), but what good can come of posting it on several sites? "I created this account for the sole purpose of telling this story." That's not right IMO. Speaking for myself only this site is not about public bashing; it's about sharing knowledge and pool information.

    Jeanette did what she wanted for what ever reason and you got burned. I'd be upset also but would consider it a hard lesson learned.

    If I DQ myself because I get my undies in a bundle so be it. It's my choice. If I get banned for competing by the T.D. that's the price I'd have to pay.

    Does my opinion on this really matter, nope.

  2. Tompnationdlabout on 2/25/2009 12:39:18 PM

    Below is the Jeanette Lee side from A to Z posting. Not taking sides, but thought I would post it up for everyone who doesn't lurk on both boards. -Doug

    Jeanette Lee contacted me yesterday evening when she heard there was some controversy regarding her decision to withdraw from the tournament last weekend; and asked me to present the details (which are significantly different than presented in the other threads) and to explain her motives (which are VERY different than those proposed and speculated upon in the other threads).

    She was quite reluctant to do this, as it is not a flattering story regarding the person who bought her in the Calcutta; but felt forced to respond to clarify things for her fans, who might be confused by the large amount of misinformation and speculation on the forum (unfortunately par for the course here on AZB?we LOVE to speculate and pontificate).

    1. She did NOT enter the tournament to ?take off? a ?C tournament? as has been proposed elsewhere. She has tremendous respect for Brian Gregg (and his partner Jack Taylor), considers him a good friend, and wants to support his ventures in any way possible. She also enjoys the competition (which is QUITE strong ? open to local players such as Brian Gregg, Steve Oaks, Jeff Beckley, Everett Snow, Tony Blankenship, Brian Groce, George Breedlove, Dan Walden?.Efren does NOT have to win this thing if he enters). She takes time away from family and business to play in these events in hopes of helping to promote the local pool scene. The money involved is small, insignificant, and played NO part in her decisions. She was ASKED by the promoters to participate as often as she can to help the tournament.

    2. She felt forced to withdraw and forfeit because of the extreme rudeness and poor behavior of person who bought her in the Calcutta, NOT through any petulant desire to make a few bucks at the last minute ? the money had NOTHING to do with it. Also, it was NOT THE LAST MATCH OF THE TOURNAMENT when she withdrew, just near the end of the winner?s bracket (the person to whom she forfeited had 2 or 3 more matches to play afterward). Here is the sequence of events:

    Jeanette did not buy herself in the Calcutta; and in fact almost never bids on herself (it just drives up the price, and someone always bids on her). As most local players know, she almost always offers to split with the person that does buy her. Unfortunately, when the person who bought her came up to her and offered her half, she stated she would PROBABLY buy half, but wanted to wait a few minutes and check things out. This was definitely a mistake on her part, because though she decided nearly immediately that she wanted to buy half, she then had to get back on the phone and computer, and started with her matches; totally forgetting about the Calcutta. During their initial conversation the buyer seemed understanding and polite.

    As the first match began, she did remember the Calcutta, but could NOT initially remember what the buyer looked like (she is approached by a LOT of people at every pool event she attends). She then asked Brian Gregg to find the buyer and let him know that she would take half of herself. Brian told her that he DID find the buyer, and that the buyer WAS in agreement. A few matches later, the buyer had not approached her for the money, and she had been too busy to find him; so she again asked Brian Gregg to remind the buyer that she was in for half. Brian did so, and told Jeanette that the buyer had responded ?That?s fine.? Nesli O?Hare was with Brian at this time, and confirms that this is what the buyer said in agreement. Jeanette felt that an agreement was in place, but did want to pay him at the first opportunity. The buyer never approached her for payment.

    Near the end of the winner?s bracket (NOT the finals of the tournament, NOT the finals of the winner?s bracket), Jeanette had the buyer paged to the desk; wanting to pay him her share. Evidently at this point the buyer changed his mind and now wished to renege on his verbal agreement to buy half, and that he should have been paid the cash ahead of time. He let loose with an extremely rude and accusatory tone; flatly implying that there was no agreement since he had not been paid, and that she was lying about her intentions (despite his conversations with Brian Gregg); declaring, ?Well, you had time to get on the microphone and talk about your school, talk to your friends, and you couldn?t come up with $70.? Jeanette states that, ?he talked to me like I was garbage, he was a complete and utter jerk; and was flat out rude.? His contention was that she was just going to wait until the end of the tournament, and if she did well try to get half; and evidently not pay him if she didn?t do well (despite his statement to Brian Gregg that it was ?no problem? for her to buy half). He even said, ?you can?t just wait until the finals to decide? (even though he should have known this was obviously NOT the finals or even close). After protesting his assertions, assuring him (as Brian had told him at the beginning of the tournament) that she wanted to buy half all along; Jeanette specifically asked if the buyer really believed that she was just waiting to pay him so she could weasel out if she didn?t do well, he smugly replied, ?absolutely?, seeming to derive great enjoyment from this fiction.

    Jeanette felt so very offended and disturbed by the buyers now antagonistic and disturbing behavior that she withdrew immediately; wanting nothing further to do with him. If physical payment of the money was so important to him, he should have said so to Brian, and he should not have agreed early on to a split. He could have approached her at any time during the tournament for the cash if it was important to him. The paltry amount of money involved had nothing whatsoever to do with her decision. She apologized to Brian Gregg and Jack Taylor for withdrawing, and explained that she could have nothing further to do with this very offensive person, and told him she would be ill if she did anything to make money for this person.

    3. Jeanette (as someone who loves pool more than almost anyone, and as someone who aspires to the highest standards of sportsmanship) totally agrees that it was the buyers right to sell or not. She feels badly that she didn?t just ?hunt him down? right away ? she is in total agreement that such deals are OBVIOUSLY better to be made BEFORE the tournament starts. She would not have had ANY ill feelings toward him if he had politely declined her offer before, during, or after matches had started ? it is totally his right to make the call, HOWEVER HE SHOULD NOT HAVE AGREED TO BRIAN IF THE MONEY COLLECTION WAS A PROBLEM FOR HIM. She would NOT just ask someone at the end of a tournament to sell half, just because she did well; and is offended by the buyers allegations (and very rude insistence) that she did. She is confident that Brian Gregg, Jack Taylor, and Nesli O?Hare can confirm that she did intend throughout the tournament to buy her half; and confirm that the buyer did know of this intention before the end of the tournament.

    4. All the buyer had to do was politely decline (or even semi-politely; it was his right), and Jeanette would have continued to play her heart out in the remaining matches (again, this did NOT occur before the ?final match? as asserted elsewhere) ? she loves to play, and hates to lose. The issue of buying/selling was NO BIG DEAL, BECAUSE SHE BELIEVED AN AGREEMENT WAS IN PLACE. Unfortunately the buyer behaved unbelievably rudely and boorishly; and she felt that she needed to completely dissociate herself from the situation. She wanted no part of any association with this buyer, and wanted no part of helping to reward him after his extreme discourtesy. When such unpleasantness exists; it is often best for the high-profile athlete to just walk away. She did.

    5. Jeanette does not want to get into any dialogue over such a thing; she only wanted to correct the misapprehensions of many posting here, and to clarify for her fans. Posters are free to believe whomever they want; Nesli O?Hare, Brian Gregg, and Jack Taylor can confirm the true version of events.

    P.S. - She specifically wanted me to tell satman that yes she forgot her cue (has done so on multiple occasions; her life is HECTIC), but was still able to be back before the start of the Calcutta and the tournament.

  3. TompnationJustanotherevolutionary on 2/25/2009 6:48:48 PM

    Here's another opinion that doesn't count, I wasn't there and don't know her personally, but what the hell, you apparently wanted to cause a $#!^storm, so here you go. Since you are so willing to spout off on a much respected forum to the public, I feel I have the right to reply. I can barely even understand wtf you are saying it's so jumbled together and all over the place. Sounds to me like she thought you were an ass... (and I don't speak for her)....gee I wonder why!?! (providing this story is even half ass true) Therefore she packed up and left, boohoo sniffle sniffle. Don't bring your whining, poo butt, hear-say around here bud, I couldn't even read all of what you wrote without crying for the sake of stupidity. Here's a thought. Maybe you should take it up with her, rather than trying to spoil her good name here. G'day.

  4. Tompnationtopcat1953 on 3/2/2009 11:53:28 PM

    If I enter a tournament that happens to have a Calcutta or player auction, be assured that I am not going to be obligated to buy half of myself. I have already paid an entry fee to enter the tournament. If someone wants buy or bid on me independently, that's on them. When my name is called during the auction, I am not even obligated to make a bid on myself. The Calcutta's are basically for those who can't play in the tournament and feel there is a horse who could get them some cash. It is side action. It is, also, true that most policies in regards to the Auction allow the player who was purchased the right to buy half of the action. But, in no way is that player obligated to do so. Let's face it, most players are short on the cash anyway. If I go to an event that cost me $50 to enter and I have $100 to start, please don't insinuate that if you buy me for $100 in the auction, That I owe you $50. That's nuts. I may choose to buy $20 of myself, but the person doing the bidding and buying is Gambling and that's what Calcutta's are about. Again, it's side action for the railbirds. Besides, if I'm making you money, regardless of whether I buy any portion or not, you should be awarding me a share for getting you to the cheese you would not have had without me.

  5. TompnationThree Brothers Billiards on 4/7/2009 8:32:40 AM

    I'm with Jeanette on this one. You have to keep in mind that she has a lot on her plate when she shows up at a local tournament. It sounds to me like she made an effort to find you and come to an agreement, and you were rude and accusing when she finally did. Personally, I think it says a lot about the character of Jeanette Lee. She would rather forfeit a tournament than make money for someone as rude as yourself.

  6. Tompnationtnpool on 12/11/2010 12:17:02 AM

    Man what a jerk!

    I will be seeing Jeanette Lee tomorrow about 2 or 2:30pm in Nashville. She is doing an event for her fans there. YAY. Get to meet my favorite player in the womens.

    I hope to get my cue signed by her.

    I cannot believe you would treat someone that does so much for the pool industry. That is down right rude.

    I wish you all the best of luck bud and I hope you grow up a bit. She was the better person in this situation.

    Have a nice life!

    P.S. You join to tarnish a name of a famous pool player? Do you have a life? Don't seem like it at all. Not at all!

  7. Tompnationguest on 4/16/2012 2:06:49 PM

    I'm signing in as a guest because i'm at work and don't want to mess around with all that. I can say that I read this article and have come to my unbiased conclusion:

    I want to agree with the original poster, and here is why: Lee was approached before the tournament started and was offered half of her share. Why was this offer not accepted on the spot? If it's not about the money, then why did she feel the need to delay the payment? This is what I don't understand. Everyone is bashing the Original Poster, but I feel he needs a little support here. He came to her and offered up half. He is trying to make money on her correct?

    Well, fast forward to much later in the tournament and all of a sudden Lee wants to buy her share. I don't really care about all this verbal agreement talk because it sounds like there was a lot of confusion. My beef lies with her and the fact she didn't buy her half immediately. What was the reason for the delay? Why is nobody asking that?

    If I was in this man's shoes, I would almost certainly feel like I was being taken advantage of. Now, that doesn't mean that she was trying to pull a fast one, it just means that she should have just owned up to the fact that she didn't put that $70 in his hands before she hit the first ball. How can anyone argue that?

  8. TompnationFenwick on 4/19/2012 6:22:29 AM

    Posted - 02/25/2009

    Let it go. A lot has happened after this more news worthy.

    Sad news Grady Mathews has passed.

  9. Tompnationguest on 12/16/2012 8:05:06 PM

    I would disagreee totally on the action of Jeannette--

    She's the professional- she knows the rules-

    Imagine being the buyer who was in AWW of her and didn't want to disrespect her by standing their waiting for payment- it goes both ways-

    she should have either 1. paid her half when he came up the first time- or 2. sought him out- and handed him the 70 bucks-

    It's that simple-

    I love Jeannette lee- but she was wrong-

    She used her status to try and manipulate the tournament after she knew she had a good draw and was advanced in the tournament-

    because she knew she couldn't win the calcutta and the tourney only paid out 100 bucks- she quit-

    If she was that concerened about the status of the tournament prior to entering it-

    She wouldn't of left the tournament because of her personal story that happened with this buyer-

    I'd say she was wrong- and if her schedule was so in dire of needing attention prior to a tournament - stay away form the tournament- or be in attendance but don't play- play a match for fun with the winner-

    I have friends who have played her- said she's a total bitch- but over time it has gotten better- Her ego- gets in her way-

    Lesson learned to all of us-

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Jeanette Lee Forefeits Local Tournament

  • Title: Jeanette Lee Forefeits Local Tournament
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/24/2009 10:42:35 PM