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Kicked Out of an APA Sunday Night League

Kicked Out of an APA Sunday Night League

Another team called league operator about questionable practices by other teams. We were contacted by the operator and backed up what the other team said. Nothing happened to this team after several complaints from us and the other team about other situations. This past Sunday we were eliminated in the playoffs by the questionable team by 3 of the 4 3's! they threw up. After the match was over we were confronted by the establishment owner and told we were voted out on Sunday nights by 4 of the teams (in house). The excuse was business, the other teams threatened to pull out and league is the only night people go to this bar. Apparently honest non sand baggers are not welcome in the APA.

Our league operator does nothing to enforce the APA rules tells us to turn the other cheek to these practices. On one occasion, One team only had 4 players show up and the paperwork showed they played all 5 matches. This was the big one that we backed up, the operator said he called St. Louis and said they said we could not prove this match was not played in this team players GARAGE!

Kicked Out of an APA Sunday Night League

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Kicked Out of an APA Sunday Night League

  • Title: Kicked Out of an APA Sunday Night League
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/27/2007 1:31:30 PM