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9 Ball Changes in APA League

9 Ball Changes in APA League

I'm on APA league, obviously. We're in the playoffs, and have a good chance at City Cup this session. So I wonder a few things. I could probably just ask my team but I'm here and they're...over there.

Anyway does anything change?

We use a point system in 9 ball right now.

  • Does it ever change to just straight up 9 ball, winning games rather than making the most balls?
  • Does the jump shot come into play?
  • And what are the fouls like?
  • Same old same old?
  • Any shot clock or timeouts?

This is my first session so I don't know much about what goes on in later play. I guess what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas!

My team isn't very informative, as a matter of fact I don't even know my current rank. But they are the best group of people anyone could hope to have on a team.

So if you've been there and done that, let me know.

9 Ball Changes in APA League

Replies & Comments

  1. Justanotherevolutionaryquickshot on 1/16/2009 8:44:26 PM

    "But they are the best group of people anyone could hope to have on a team. So if you've been there and done that, let me know...thanks all. "

    I think there is a problem here, because I had a somewhat similiar problem. I solved it by hooking up with another team.

    I do not inderstand what you mean by "over there." If you are playing on the team you must come in contact with the other players and especially the Captain. There seems to be a communication problem that I think you have to solve. Otherwise how can you function as a team member.

    All this board can do is give you opinions which for all purposes will be hearsay because we have no idea what the situation is or by what rules you play by.

    Make a list of your questions and buttonhole "EL Capetian" and get some answers. How can you not know what you are rated at?

    Good luck

  2. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 1/17/2009 8:44:55 AM

    Well it's partly my fault. I don't ask many questions. Actually the one person who I am good friends with is the captain of the ship. He's also district coordinater. Everyone knows him. By "over there" I just meant, I'm here on the internet with you fine fellows and they are...not. Certainly, I could give him a call right now, but isn't this forum for asking questions?We have a bye week before playoffs so I won't see them for a while. I was under the impression if I was on an APA league the rules would be the same for every APA league across the nation. No? I do plan on asking the team what it's like. They have beeen there a few times before. Just thought maybe someone here had done it as well, assuming it is the same around the nation. As for not knowing my rank this would be my fault as well, frankly I don't really care and it does not bother me to not know, when I play, I just go until it's over. Like I say, this is my first session, so I'm not to sure on the ranking and scoring systems. They said they would happily teach me to keep score and so far I have declined. I've played probably 8 different teams and can honestly say there is no other team I would rather be with. Anyways I apologize for asking, I didn't know it would lead to a lecturing... as for me and my team, we must be doing something right to be ranked #1. I don't see a problem, myself.

  3. JustanotherevolutionaryFenwick on 1/17/2009 9:07:05 AM

    I know a few players who go to the event in Vegas yearly. I may play one this afternoon. I'll ask around and try to find out as much as possible about how the rules differ in the tournament. I'll get back to you in a few days if you questions go unanswered.

  4. Justanotherevolutionaryquickshot on 1/17/2009 3:38:22 PM

    My answer was not an intent to lecture, it was more of a question. In your first post it sounded like you were not being accepted. But now that you have explained it a little more clearly I am somewhat less confused. As I mentioned I was in a similar situation, but now that you explained the relationship between you and said team, I realize that it was not similar. Anyway, there was no intent to hurt anyone's feelings.

    As far as the APA goes, it is a national organization and all the leagues play by the same rules no matter where they play. As far as I know the point system is carried over to all competitions because the APA has its own scoring system and that's how the winners are measured. Fouls are the same because they are part of the rules. As for a clock I 'm not sure. I think that would be up to a ref if one is present. Time outs pretty much remain the same as they are in regular league play. In other words nothing really changes except the location.

    To my knowledge jump shots are not allowed in amateur competitions, but I could be wrong. It seems I read that somewhere.

    I am also in the APA 8 ball league and we tied for 1st place, but lost in the playoffs. Such is the nature of the sport.

    I'm glad to hear you are going to Vegas. If it is your first time I'm sure you will find it exciting and good luck. I think you should talk to the team just to have a handle on what to expect because you are going to be with them and rely on them as they will rely on you.

    PS: You should know what you are rated at in case someone in Vegas ask you.

    Good luck and have fun. That's what it's all about.

  5. JustanotherevolutionaryJustanotherevolutionary on 1/24/2009 5:47:45 PM

    Well we lost both 9 and 8 playoffs SO NEVERMIND =( As for the jumpshots I guess it depends on the venue, as I found out today the establishment we play out of has no rules against jumping, only masse. Which seems a little strange. Maybe I'll try one. The APA states you can't use a jump cue though, only your normal playing cue, kinda wierd but whatever. Not very easy to jump with a 20 oz cue though. The APA just says to make sure the venue you are playing at has no rule against jumping, otherwise jump shots are legal.

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9 Ball Changes in APA League