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Vintage Rambow Cue For Sale

Vintage Rambow Cue For Sale

For Sale - Rare "Herman Rambow" Vintage Cue.

Little History: the Rambow cue was obtained from a gentleman whom I played pool against, in the Chicago Pool Leagues. After a number of years Rob sold the cue to my wife, as a surprised Christmas gift. Respecting my vast interest in collecting and trusting the cue going into good hands. Rob indicated he brought the cue, in the early sixties, at Rambow's store off of Randolph Street in Chicago. Witnessing as Herman penciled both their names side by side on the cue. Rob couldn't remember what happened to the cue's receipt? Most likely it was filed in away in a drawer and eventually sent to the curbside!

THE CUE: (2) shafts, with Rob's initials at the joint. Titlist style cue with four-rosewood inlay. Rambow’s famed autograph alongside Rob Long's signature. Irish linen wrapped. Ivory butt ring. Condition very good to excellent.

Price: $2,700.00

Vintage Rambow Cue For Sale

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  1. OOOLDVINTAGECUE2cuenut on 2/12/2008 1:01:03 PM

    Check your pms.

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Vintage Rambow Cue For Sale

  • Title: Vintage Rambow Cue For Sale
  • Author: (Edward Duel)
  • Published: 2/2/2008 7:58:24 PM