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Vintage 1965 Palmer Cue from First Palmer Catalog

Vintage 1965 Palmer Cue from First Palmer Catalog

I have for sale a Palmer Cue from 1965. It is the model #5 - Custom from the "First Catalog".

Chris, the owner of palmercollector.com authenticated the cue via pics and email and here is his quote:

It's a custom Palmer from the early days, mid 1960's. The butt is from the First Catalog model 5 and the forearm is a Titleist. Usually the Model 5 came with an ebony pronged forearm with inlays - so this is a twist with a plain Titleist forearm. The shafts look like they are all original Palmer shafts too.

So basically it has the butt of the Model 5 (in the below catalog) and a plain Titleist forearm. It is a custom design.

Here's the Palmer Model 5 cue from a scan page of the "First Catalog" in 1965 and model number 5 is in the group.

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