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Various Pool Cues for Sale

Various Pool Cues for Sale

First off im not a company im a one man team selling some cues at a great price. It is more a hobby than a big business so please dont remove my post for trying to get "free advertising" i only use eBay , another billiard forum and also my local paper here in Australia. However If the mods feel the need to remove this post i will understand.

I am an Australian supplier of exotic cues. I stock Maple and Ebony wood cues with wraps that include Snake Skin, Blue mother of pearl, White mother of pearl, Black mother of pearl, and also Rubber. My cues also include cue ball inlays, abalone shell inlays and mother of pearl inlays.

All my cues are HAND made by skilled craftsmen If you are interested i could send you a FREE USB with pictures of what we have to offer, if you are in the Sydney area I would be more than happy to visit you at a time most convenient to you and show you real samples.

If you require large amounts of cues i can organise that within 30 days from order and deposit date, i can also make cues custom to you specific designs. i offer great wholesale prices for clubs, pubs, pool halls, stores etc. Please ask for a quote.

If you are interested please phone me on 0426 501 207 Or email me at bookings@aimssnooker.com.au to make a booking and I will come out to show you our stock (Sydney only please) If you would prefer a FREE USB sent out to you with my products on it please email me directly at eamonn@aimssnooker.com.au

I have included only a few pictures of what i have to offer , please ask if you would like more

Various Pool Cues for Sale

Replies & Comments

  1. motherofpearlcoastal_tony on 10/3/2011 8:28:13 AM

    Very nice looking cues. Are these hand made, with splices, and inlays, or are they decals? What is a ball park price for one cue shipped to Florida, USA 33462?

  2. motherofpearlmotherofpearl on 10/3/2011 2:08:49 PM

    Hi ,

    Thank you for your email and response,

    The price for one cue is $199.99 Aud each , shipping for one cue to your area is $40.00 , i shipped one not long ago to your area and it cost me $37.50 + a little extra for the protective postage tube i send it in. Rouind figures $40.00 for shipping , *please allow 7 working days for it to arrive, if you are in a hurry the cost for express is more.

    The inlays are most certainly not decals , the cue maker is a friend of mine and he assures me that all inlays are real , i have seen samples in his factory of the actual MOP and Abalone in them before they get finished.

    Yes all my cues are HAND made , in regards to splices I'm not sure about that I'm sorry thats one thing i don't know.

    Price for more than one cue is on the way to you via email.

    Price also is for any cue i have in stock , regardless of what inlay , wood or wrap you prefer.

    Many thanks for your interest


  3. motherofpearlvokalliez on 11/1/2011 7:15:27 AM

    Is that 199.99 in US dollars or Au?

  4. motherofpearlmotherofpearl on 11/1/2011 11:15:20 PM

    aud thanks

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Various Pool Cues for Sale

  • Title: Various Pool Cues for Sale
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/1/2011 5:16:48 AM