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Scorpion AR04 Cue for Sale

Scorpion AR04 Cue for Sale

I am selling a brand new Scorpion AR04 Cue Stick; has never seen a table. Got it as a gift but am not into playing that much so I have not much use for it. It was purchased for $150 but I am willing to take $100 for it. E-mail me @ jerzeepit@yahoo.com if you are interested.

Specs: Scorpion AR04 - Archer - Retail: $149

How it plays:

  • Scorpion cues have a stiff hit
  • "Water Buffalo" tips supply-increased control and Irish linen wraps reduce slipping while in stroke.

Selling Points:

  • Scorpion cues are armor protected with fiberglass to provide protection against warping and dings.
  • Developed especially for four-time world champion, Johnny Archer.
  • Every Scorpion two-piece cue comes with a set of Joint Protectors

Weight Changes:

  • Weight changes are impossible to do on Scorpion cues because the bumper is sealed in to protect the cue from outside conditions.


  • Tip: 13mm, Hard Water Buffalo
  • Ferrule: Capped and threaded fiber ferrule.
  • Shaft: : A wood core shaft with fiberglass coating. 13-14" pro taper.
  • Base: has a black collar with thick silver ring. The plastic insert in the shaft seals and protects it from outside conditions.
  • Joint: Black implex collar with thick silver ring and a steel pin. The plastic helps seal and protect this end of the cue from outside conditions.
  • Pin: 3/8x14
  • Butt Construction: wood core, fiberglass shield, transfer design, clear coating.
  • Forearm: Grey stained maple with black points containing a silver transfer design.
  • Wrap: Black with white Irish linen wrap
  • Butt Sleeve:Black with grey stained maple designs and silver transfers
  • Butt Cap: Black plastic sealed to protect from outside conditions with bumper screwed in.

Scorpion AR04 Cue for Sale

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Scorpion AR04 Cue for Sale

  • Title: Scorpion AR04 Cue for Sale
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/9/2008 12:28:29 AM