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Que Perfect Cues for Sale

Que Perfect Cues for Sale

Unfortunately I need to sell 2 of my Que Perfect cues because I need money in Cash to solve some problems.

The cues are :

Cue Nº1 - queperfect.biz/EW09-0014.htm

  • Description: Beauty 5 Points cue Half-spliced into the forearm of ebony. Same for the ebony butt sleeve. The veneers are red ebony, red madrone burl.
  • Length: 62 inches with one shaft and 61.5 inches with the second shaft.
  • Supershafts: One shaft is a huge 54 gpi and the other is 48 gpi! Both are super-super shafts. The shafts are QP Custom Cues' Prodigy super-low deflection shafts.
  • 2nd Hand cue: Mint condition 98%
  • Price: It cost me USD $4,500 in 2009. I am selling this cue for USD $3,600

Cue Nº2 - queperfect.biz/EW08-0018.htm

  • Description: Jump & Break cue (Yes, very rare cue made by Ronnie Powell, that has produced very few J&B cues. It can be used to break, jump and masse around balls.
  • Length: 62 inches long
  • Shafts: 38 and 42 gpi old-growth hard-rock maple cut between 1820 and 1860. One shaft is dedicated to only massé use. Of course it is different than the other shaft.
  • 2nd Hand cue: Mint condition 98%
  • Price : It Cost to me USD $1,500 in 2008. I am selling this cue for USD $1,000


Take the 2 cues for USD $4,200 I really think someone can do a very good acquisition and investment with this deal. Also I'm disposed to listen to other offers.

If you are interested, please, write to my email address: javierlopezperito@yahoo.es or write here your suggestions, questions, etc. If you write me by mail, I can send you new pics about the Que Perfect cues.

Que Perfect Cues for Sale

Replies & Comments

  1. JLJL on 11/7/2011 10:05:24 AM

    I Have to cancel the sale for 2 weeks because the 2 cues are now reserved pending payment.

    Only 2 weeks. If I have no response for this 2 weeks I will re-open the sale...

  2. JLuser1620272834 on 6/16/2022 10:35:58 PM

    Are you still selling your QP cues?

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Que Perfect Cues for Sale

  • Title: Que Perfect Cues for Sale
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/4/2011 7:14:00 AM