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PFD Custom Cue for Sale $650

PFD Custom Cue for Sale $650

I have a very nice Purpleheart 4 Point PFD custom pool cue for sale. It is a Purple Heart 4 Point cue with Malcalite Inlays, Ivory Hoppe ring and Ivory ringwork.

This PFD custom cue was my playing cue for a couple years. It has a couple very small cosmetic infractions on the buttcap (which I could make go away) but, it's original and these two (2) shafts have not seen much play ( I used a 314).

Asking $650, includes USPS Priority Shipping with Insurance. PAYPAL is Ok, just need to add 3%

Here are the specs for this cue:

  • Butt is 29" in length, 14.2 oz Purpleheart buttsleeve with Ivory Hoppe ring with PFD Logo and Black Phenolic buttcap
  • Forearm is stained Curly Maple; 4 Purpleheart points with 4 Malachite Diamond Inlays with Malachite Spears inlayed into Ebony
  • Joint is a SS Quick Release with Black Joint Collars with an Ivory accent ring
  • Shaft #1 is 29 1/8" in length, 3.8 oz, Talisman tip, 13.1 mm, Ivory ferrule, matching collar with Ivory ring
  • Shaft #2 is 29 3/8" in lenght, 4.2 oz, Talisman tip, 13 mm, Ivory ferrule, matching collar with Ivory ring

PFD Custom Cue for Sale $650

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PFD Custom Cue for Sale $650

  • Title: PFD Custom Cue for Sale $650
  • Author: (Ken Boyle)
  • Published: 1/21/2007 6:16:32 PM