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Original Hiolle Cue For Sale

Original Hiolle Cue For Sale

For sale is a two-piece Hiolle pool cue, manufactured in 1967, and in excellent condition.

Length 140cm, weight 530 g Bottle shaped Wooden joints Fine carved Mother of pearl inlays

Marked: C Hiolle M Bve.S.G.D.G Offert par la Pachon 530

See image: users.skynet.be/billard.billiards/hiollea.htm, No. 46

Provided with the original embedded leather 'grip'. Distributed or sold by Bour (Germany).

Price: USD $450 + shipping charges Available in St. Petersburg, Russia

If interested, please mail to: dal105@rambler.ru

Original Hiolle Cue For Sale

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Original Hiolle Cue For Sale

  • Title: Original Hiolle Cue For Sale
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/20/2015 6:48:56 AM