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Meucci HOF-2 Pool Cue For Sale $300

Meucci HOF-2 Pool Cue For Sale $300

I am selling a Meucci HOF-2 cue with one Meucci "NO-DOT" shaft. The price with the one shaft is $300.00. The cue's MSRP when new is $535.

This Meucci HOF-2 is a mid-1990's Meucci cue and includes one original Meucci HOF-2 "no-dot" shaft.

Here are the pictures of the Meucci HOF-2. It has very nice four-color veneers.

Meucci HOF-2 Pool Cue For Sale $300

Replies & Comments

  1. coastal_tonykris4444kris on 9/30/2012 1:14:28 PM

    My name is Kris, and I have to ask, is the cue straight and is the shaft and is everything on the shaft and butt the original parts?

    Also, I am wondering if you would take a U.S. Postal money order for the Meucci HOF-2 cue? If so, I will buy it. Just let me know the full price please, including shipping, so that I know what to write on the money order that I am going to send you?

  2. coastal_tonycoastal_tony on 9/30/2012 1:29:24 PM

    $18 is what I will need to cover the shipping & insurance costs on the cue (shipped within USA). That makes the total price for the cue and shipping $318.

    A US Postal money order is fine with me. I can ship out your new cue at the same time that I cash the money order.

    Anthony S. Kalisiak 6777 Tradewind Way Lake Worth, Fl 33462

    And yes, this Meucci HOF-2 is straight as an arrow.

  3. coastal_tonycoastal_tony on 12/11/2012 8:37:51 PM

    This deal for a Meucci HOF-2 cue is still open for purchase. It seems the buyer fell off the earth.

  4. coastal_tonyuser1566783329 on 8/25/2019 6:35:30 PM

    Is your Meucci HOF-2 cue still for sale?

    It has been posted forever. It doesn't show as "sold" so I had to ask.

    I am kinda interested in it, so let me know. I'm still here on Earth. LOL!

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Meucci HOF-2 Pool Cue For Sale $300

  • Title: Meucci HOF-2 Pool Cue For Sale $300
  • Author: (Tony Kalisiak)
  • Published: 3/8/2012 8:29:09 PM